I'm not sure which I'd choose if given the choice of righting evil or writing good.
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"The Snozzberries taste like strawberries"- Willy Wonka

This is the exact dumb-ass quote given by my high school friend in the school yearbook. Great movie though. Never had a snozzberry I didn’t like.

I never was a big fraternity guy, even though I was in one in college. Thankfully, my house was not about ceremony or tradition. It was a bunch of dudes that enjoyed ESPN, cheap beer, and gay porn. That’s what they call girl-on-girl action, right? No? Anyway, it was a place to live, eat, and shit. I can’t say that my life was changed for better or worse from that experience besides for now having a much less active gag reflex.  

I haven’t kept in touch with many of my “brothers” nor sent in any donations because I know the alumni would use it to buy a nice couch which would be tossed off the balcony within a month. Despite all the indifference noted above, I can truthfully say that I’ve never been more proud of my frat than I was this morning when I received this email. I’m so glad that in the ten years since I’ve left, it didn’t morph into the Tri-Lambs.

Dear Beta Theta alumnus,

These letters are never easy to write. However, it is important that you know the recent behavior of the undergraduate chapter has badly deteriorated. An ongoing series of poor choices by individual members was not a sudden or particularly new development. In fact, the number of consistent risk management violations and damage to 625 University left deteriorating options by Beta Theta alumni leaders, the University and the National Fraternity.

The tipping point occurred this spring when the National Fraternity learned (and in some cases witnessed) that the chapter routinely:

  •  Held open parties
  •  Purchased beer and other alcohol with chapter and/or member-pooled funds
  •  Held chapter-hosted parties after campus bars closed
  •  Used illegal drugs at the chapter house
  •  Smoked pot in house (occasionally with a few alumni)
  •  Did not educate pledges
  •  Did not initiate pledges (for at least the last three years)
  •  Damaged the chapter house to the point of making it nearly unlivable despite housing corporation repairing damages
  •  Lied to and/or ignored chapter advisor as well as University and National Fraternity representatives

In short, the chapter was all about its big time and had no interest in Alpha Tau Omega other than a convenient place to hang out with like-minded buddies. Members’ ongoing and routine actions damaged an already poor ATO reputation on campus and were a potential threat to the well-being of members and guests.

The National Fraternity Board of Directors voted to revoke the Beta Theta charter. The chapter is closed. Current undergraduate members have been notified and their ATO memberships have been indefinitely suspended.


WAY TO GO GUYS!!! It almost makes me want to go back to college. Grad School?

Phillyblues.com provides some hard-hitting journalism in their top 10 blues clubs guide. From http://www.phillyblues.com/2011/11/11/top-10-blues-clubs-to-get-your-body-moving/

The top 10 blues clubs to get your body moving when you are visiting Philly will give you everything from great blues music, great drinks, excellent customer service and a friendly ambiance. The first, is the Flume club that offers you great blues music, jazz, bluegrass and excellent drinks to enjoy the night. The second, is Chris’s Jazz Cafe that gives you Blues and Jazz music to enjoy, along with a great relaxed atmosphere. The third, is Ortlieb’s Jazzhaus with great variety in Blues and Jazz music. Fourth, is Warmdaddy’s that gives you the best blues experience with their great blues music, drinks and a great friendly atmosphere to top it all off in style.

The fifth, is the Bluetone Cafe that gives you everything you have been looking for in a great night out on the town. Sixth, is Cafe Classics, great for enjoying those classic blues songs. Seventh, is the Bar Bleu known for their bumping blues music and excellent drinks. The eight is the Blues Cafe which gives you the best blues music anywhere with the best exciting ambiance anywhere. The ninth, is the Acoustic Brew Concert and the tenth is the Road’s End Pub, both giving you excellent blues music to get your body moving.

Our first spot for Mrs Dash starring Heath Brandon and Leslie Collins. Written and Produced by Sean Scanlin and Joe LeVine.

Jerry Sandusky + Call Me Maybe (News Remix): Current Laments ep. 1 (by vice)

The editing on this video is unreal.

I have a new respect for action movie directors after making this video.

Jury Doodie

I’m a published author! Kind of. I wrote my first children’s book as a gift to my one year-old niece, Adaire, for Christmas and it’s published through Bookemon.com. I channeled my inner Dr. Seuss and had a lot of fun writing this. The hardcover book with pictures and all can be found here, http://www.bookemon.com/book-profile/presents-for-adaire/246967, and the eBook version here, http://www.bookemon.com/get_epdf.php?group_id=246967&type=epdf&check=7837e34430a17dc76c7fdb1c9173c4c3


Adaire, Adaire
Oh where, Oh where
Did you go this Christmas Day?

I looked about
Inside and out
Your home and under my sleigh

With gifts in hand
Of a far off land
From the North Pole they were sent

For dear Adaire
With pretty hair
Where, oh where has she went

I found a note
It’s about a boat
Your family went on a cruise!

I told Dasher
We must try to catch her
All the reindeer were so confused

“Will we have time?”
In Rudolph Chimed
We must, we must, we have no other choice

So I touted
And shouted
“Hurry, Hurry!” ‘til I exhausted all of my voice

Up in the cloud
I holler loud
In the distance, I see your ship

I swoop on down
Making not a sound
And land with a celebratory flip

We’re here, We’re here
Thank you, reindeer
You saved Christmas morning again

Just in time
It feels sublime
To know opening gifts may begin

Oh boy, lookie
She left me a cookie
Adaire expected I’d still come

And for her brothers
Her Dad and mother
Of course I also left them some

Present and gifts
Oh heavens forbid
Poor Santa couldn’t find his way

It shan’t occur
This I concur
Where there’s a will, there’s a sleigh

I must leave soon
With light of the moon
And deliver gifts to other kids homes

I have a bike
I hope they like
Maybe I’ll gift them an iPhone

So I must leave
And please believe
I hope to see you next Christmas day

But worry not
Your gifts I got
Whether you’re home or you’re away.

Akilah Impact (by TheAkilahInstitute)

Sean Scanlin, the director and DP I worked with on our Alamo Drafthouse PSA, traveled to Rwanda to film this video for The Akilah Institute For Women. It’s a great cause so please share and support.

Math is hard. I’m trying to solve for Drones. Drones=(absolute of (-2(insidejob)))-implosions-fake planes on TV?